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About us

About Us

Having in consideration and appreciating high domestic hot environment, the comfort and convenience that a family should have in their environment, we work to offer the best in every aspect. The quality of our products and services starts from the foundation of a home environment. Commitment, quality, technology and innovation as well as professionally trained staff can guarantee the fulfillment of your needs through our products and services.

We assure you.

Naser Imeri

General Director



Ariani Company works to provide costumers warm family atmosphere for a comfortable life, and comfortable space for business development, that match international standard with ideal prices.


Our main activities belong to the field of construction, concrete production and manufacturing of doors and windows from plastic and aluminum. We provide design and construction of residential and commercial complexes with the motto “keys in hand”, which activity guarantees completion of the project from the initial stages to its full completion, through qualified staff. We offer services such as concrete production and production of plastic or aluminum doors and windows for business and individual clients, for residential complex, as well as for shopping centers and hotels.